MoDaS: Exploratory Data Analysis


This module is devoted to standard methods of exploratory analysis in omics data. First, we shall fast review how to import data into R environment. Next, we refresh and apply the methods of exploatory data analysis, including dimensionality reduction and clustering. At the end of this course, participants are expected to have acquired practical skills in basic exploratory data analysis. Although the course is suitable to a diverse audience, including those with basic R knowledge, it is highly recommended that participants review introductory R course.

The course is given by Petr Nazarov, with the support of Malou Fraiture & Bioinfo team: Reka Toth, Tony Kaoma, Arnaud Muller, Lu Zhang, Sang-Yoon Kim, Vladimir Despotovic

Place & Date

  • Webex
  • 9:00-13:00, October 10, 2022


The materials of the course are freely available online. Please, use the top menu to navigate through the topics:

  1. Data import

  2. Data distributions and correlations

  3. Dimensionality reduction

  4. Clustering